Growing Up in Yakima

Yakima WA Eisenhower High School Class of 1979

Yakima WA Eisenhower High School Class of 1979

I’ve spent some time talking with folks in the “Growing Up in Yakima Washington” group on Facebook. One of the members provided a link to graduates of Eisenhower High School, and the nearby link shows her graduating class of 1979.

She was born in in September 1960. I was born in January, and started Kindergarten at age 4, in September 1964. My HS graduation was 1977; she would have started a year later, and the records I have show that she had been held back a year, and so it made sense that she was part of the class of 1979. But she also dropped out (May 1977) at the end of her Sophomore year. She would have been 16 at that point.

This is relevant to some of the history that I will relate, and it all helps confirm my timeline.

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2 thoughts on “Growing Up in Yakima

  1. What a wonderful story, am sorry her childhood wasn’t very happy, I was also abused as a child and started using drugs at 12, and this is why I know about the “Hole”. You will probably read all sorts of comments from people, sadly a lot of them just know stories about that area…not personally knowing as I believe most were from the “west side”…..I was too, but lower class…lol. Good luck and I look forward to reading more. Oh, one memorable thing about Yakima in those years, read Ann Rules book, “A Fever in the Heart”…murder involving a love triangle with 2 coaches, both were killed and sadly, students of one of them were involved. Look up Gabby Moore, coach, teacher at Davis High School…one of Yakima’s claim to fame.

    • Hi Marti, thank you for your comment here. I’m sorry about the trouble that you faced. It seems to be a common story. Please stay tuned here, and please let me know if I can ever be of assistance to you. — John