“She was lotioning my feet”

In 1970, when she was 10, with her seven-year-old sister Teri, Del Nita was dropped off to live with and be a dependent of the sexual abusing grandfather.


“Even when I was this age, he was messing with me”

George Airel may have been preserving his own life, but he unknowingly placed his daughters into a very hellish situation. Both of them were being sexually molested by the grandfather.

Vickie was from Yakima, Washington. Del Nita was born in Sacramento, CA. The family moved to Inyokern, in southern California. No doubt there were family trips between the two locations. Vacations.

Not long after we met, Bethany showed me the photograph which appears nearby. The man in the photograph, her grandfather Delmont, was sexually fondling her even at that age. At first he was simply licking her ears. Even when she and her sister were small, he would hold them in his lap and “let his hands and fingers wander while watching TV.”

In one of her later journals, she had written a story about another early experience when she first caught him masturbating. He was drinking and wearing an open bath robe.

In those early years, he would make her get hand lotion and she would masturbate him. Their mother once walked in on the two of them at one point.

“She was lotioning my feet,” the grandfather said.

Perhaps her own mother had been abused by him. Beth didn’t know. Her grandmother may or may not have known what was going on.

So in 1970, when she was age 10, with her seven-year-old sister Teri, young Del Nita was dropped off to live with and be a dependent of the sexual abusing grandfather. George Airel then drove away, and vanished into the air, even though young Del Nita chased his car up the road as far as she could as he drove off. She desperately wished for him to return, but she would not see him again until she was married with five children.

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